Timothy S. O'Brien (tsob) wrote,
Timothy S. O'Brien

What I Did For My Summer Vacation

Not really a vacation, just a family visit Monday to Wednesday.

My aunt and uncle are remarkably just like they always are, although she has aged a bit in the year since I've seen them. Interestingly, he hasn't.  My cousin is much the same, though reeling a bit from job loss; she had been a paraeducator, and she's planning to move on to medical assistant.  

My little cousin Hannah is 11 and recovering from major hip surgery, but seems resilient. She spent months in bed recovering, but is up, crutching around, and working an hour and a half of physical therapy a day. She has developed an interest in Edward, from the Twilight movie, and Michael Jackson (about two weeks before he died, oddly) in his young, Thriller, doe-eyed phase. So apparently she's attracted to creepy guys. This bears watching.

(I observed that if she liked Edward she must be into old guys. She was outraged; "He's not old! ... Oh, wait, I guess he is...")

The family is basically middle-American. Lots of TV and food, but they are nicely accommodating of my dietary problems. 

It was pleasantly dry, if hot, something like California weather. Nice enough drive, although on the way back I managed to time it so the sun was in my eyes the whole trip. Next time I should leave at noon or dusk.

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