Timothy S. O'Brien (tsob) wrote,
Timothy S. O'Brien

Five Questions for Me

From anaka

1) What thing do you always have with you?

My mini-Leatherman on a key ring, my keys, and, unfortunately, my cell phone.

The Leatherman was a prize/gift from a Mad Science Christmas party. Handy little multi-tool. The cell phone is a necessary evil.

2) Tell me about when you met Trautmann. :)

I met Trautmann at Gen Con. He was slaving the West End booth and I was there to meet Pete Schweighofer and maybe drum up work with the other editors. He was polite enough, but I suspect he was not impressed with me. :-)

3) Thing you wish you'd never gotten rid of?

I'm something of a pack rat, so there's not much of that. I do wish I had access to my worldly goods; they're mostly packed in storage, and much of the remainder is likely to go in soon, too. I do wish my father hadn't taken and spent my collection of 1976 50-cent pieces. This taught me not to have anything around he might value, but fortunately he has no interest in books unless he thinks they are rare editions worth money.

4) Who was your teenage crush?

In Aurora, middle school and the first half of high school, there was Christine Craig, who demonstrated no interest in me. She was tall, curvy, blonde, with cute freckles. In Tumwater, quite a bit more unreturned interest but the one that stands out was Maya Bellon, who was slender, tan, very smart, with long black hair. Also Linda Fergestrom, a round-faced smart looker who apparently was attracted to thugs, not geeks.

5) Favorite TV show?

Don't watch any now: no digital TV. Was enjoying Big Bang Theory until it became obvious they has established status quo. That tends to be my problem with most TV; it goes nowhere, usually not very fast.

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