Timothy S. O'Brien (tsob) wrote,
Timothy S. O'Brien

Flowchart to my heart


OKCupid has run up flowcharts for people, based on their Strongly Important reactions to their personaility match questions.

I am quick catch for you if you 

Don't currently use hard drugs
Don't think homosexuality is a sin
Like sex
Would only eat human mean as a last resort
Would date an open-minded atheist.
Consider yourself an honorable person.
Do not consider drug use a romantic activity.

But, I may be willing to date you anyway, depending on how much intelligence turns you on (or maybe how intelligent you seem, the item is vauge), whether you reject the idea that fewer stupid and ugly people would improve the world, and if you don't think contraception is a sin.

Interesting side view into how my opinions reflect off of other people's priorities. 

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